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Inform Your Seller

As a licensed time of sale evaluator/home inspector for the cities of Bloomington, Hopkins and Robinsdale, I see many items that are considered hazards that could have been easily avoided by simply checking the city website for information describing common hazard items in homes. Most repairs are simple enough that the majority home owners can handle them on their own if equipped with some basic tools. A drill (helpful but not necessary), screwdriver and adjustable wrench is usually all it takes.

Pre-Inspected Listings, The Future of Real Estate

Home inspections have traditionally been for the benefit of the purchaser. Pre-inspected listings benefit all parties - purchasers, vendors and Realtors.  
Deals Won't Fall Through  
Home inspections, performed as a condition of the offer, can kill deals. Sometimes this is because the purchaser gets cold feet; sometimes  
there's a big problem no one knew about.

The Perfect House

When you consider the life cycle of every component of a house, a reasonable annual estimate of the cost of normal maintenance is 1% of the value of the house. One year you may replace the furnace; a few years down the road you may re-surface the roof. Throw in the odd unexpected repair in between and you average 1% per year. It’s incredible but this rule is not far off, both for very expensive and very inexpensive houses.
If you strip away the cosmetics, a house is made up of the structure, roof, exterior envelope and the “systems” of the house.

Should I buy this house?

I was just talking about this subject with a Realtor yesterday. It is a reoccurring question that every inspector gets. It is ultimately a question that only the home buyer can answer. I can tell you from experience that every home is going to have some issues and for some buyer's this may not be a concern. Many buyer's are looking for a home to renovate or that is priced according to their budget. They are willing to make the repairs themselves or hire a contractor. My job is to inform the client of the conditions that exist on the property to help them make an informed decision on their purchase.

Problem furnaces in forclosures

I hope you are all enjoying this early spring! I know business has picked up for many of us now that it feels like summer again.
As you all know, foreclosures and short sales are particularly difficult transactions to complete. Now, add the potential for improperly winterized properties and you have a recipe for disaster.

The biggest problem I have seen is improperly winterized furnaces. Modern high efficiency condensing furnaces contain water in the condensation chamber around the heat exchanger.

Time Of Sale

I am now a licensed evaluator for the cities of Bloomington, Hopkins and Robbinsdale. Mn inspections offers licensed time of sale and point of sale inspections for these cities. If you need a time of sale inspection please visit your cities website for info on how to avoid having hazardous items reported. Here are a few easy fixes:

1.Make sure your smoke detectors are located properly and have fresh batteries in them.
2.Install back flow prevention devices on all threaded faucets and handheld shower heads.

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Inform Your Seller
Pre-Inspected Listings, The Future of Real Estate
The Perfect House
Should I buy this house?
Problem furnaces in forclosures


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