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Should I buy this house?

I was just talking about this subject with a Realtor yesterday. It is a reoccurring question that every inspector gets. It is ultimately a question that only the home buyer can answer. I can tell you from experience that every home is going to have some issues and for some buyer's this may not be a concern. Many buyer's are looking for a home to renovate or that is priced according to their budget. They are willing to make the repairs themselves or hire a contractor. My job is to inform the client of the conditions that exist on the property to help them make an informed decision on their purchase.
I wish I had an inspection on my first home. I bought a home in terrible condition. It had everything wrong with it! It wasn't all bad though, I learned the trades, repaired the house, sold it, went on to build houses and it set me on the path to becoming a home inspector!

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