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Commercial Building Inspections

Minnesota Inspections is one of few inspection companies in the area that specializes in commercial property inspection services. Commercial buildings are not typically constructed in the same manner as a home and generally have a completely different set of building, zoning, fire, occupancy and energy codes that apply. Many commercial buildings have complex electrical distribution systems, vertical transportation and fire protection equipment, multiple central heating and cooling plants and a variety of construction materials and site conditions that require an experienced consultant to accurately conduct the assessment. 

We have performed hundreds of commercial building inspections and property condition assessments, including several iconic commercial buildings in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul area, and can provide you with a team of dedicated specialists to assist you in your due diligence process. We provide commercial building inspections and property condition assessments for commercial buildings from 1,000 square feet to over 1,000,000 square feet. Our portfolio of projects includes manufacturing and food processing facilities, medical, dental and managed care facilities, office, retail, hospitality and lodging facilities, restaurants, multi-family, automotive, parking, industrial and storage facilities.

Our clients include; national and international banking and lending institutions, restaurant franchises, retail establishments, hotels and resorts, real estate investment trusts, private equity firms, insurance companies, law firms, consulting firms, public housing authorities, triple net lease tenants, investors and small business owners.

We offer customized ASTM E2018-15 property condition assessments (PCA) and detailed commercial inspection reports for buyers, sellers, triple net lease (NNN) clients and managers of commercial real estate. We offer flexible scheduling and timely delivery of reports to assist you in your due diligence process. 

A commercial building inspector provides a very important service in determining defects that may not have been disclosed and that potentially affect the value of your investment. A State licensed building contractor inspects the site, hard surfaces, exterior, roof, interior, structural components, insulation, plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning for defects. Beware! Property disclosure requirements are limited to residential real estate (single family) transactions in Minnesota. A commercial property inspection or property condition assessment will provide the client with valuable insight into the true condition of the prospective property. Consider this; replacing a low slope built-up roof on a 5,000 square foot building can exceed $50,000. A single packaged 2-3 ton roof top unit (RTU) with an economizer averages $8,000 installed. These “big ticket” items are generally negotiable, but only if you are aware of the age and condition. 

We take pride in helping our clients by providing them with the best inspection reports available. A significant amount of time is spent on every report in an effort to help our clients clearly communicate the defects to all parties involved in the transaction. Reports are delivered electronically in PDF format and include color photos, technical diagrams and links describing construction terminology and defects in detail. 

Our primary service area includes the Minneapolis & St. Paul metro area with commercial building inspection services available statewide. Please visit our Commercial Building Inspection FAQ  page for an explanation of the items that are inspected.

If you would like to schedule an commercial building inspection or to request a proposal, please contact John Mika @ 612-328-1522 or email:

Please take a moment to review one of our commercial inspection sample reports here.


What our customers are saying

John is extremely professional, reasonably priced, and very thorough. I have used him to inspect several commercial buildings I have purchased and his reports are detailed and extremely useful. He's flexible with scheduling and quick to send the report (took less than a week to get it). I strongly recommend his inspection services!

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