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Property Condition Assessments

We offer customized ASTM E2018-15 property condition assessment reports (PCA) for buyers, sellers, triple net lease (NNN) clients and managers of commercial real estate. We offer flexible scheduling and timely delivery of reports to assist you in your due diligence process. 

Our clients include; national and international banking and lending institutions, restaurant franchises, retail establishments, hotels and resorts, real estate investment trusts, private equity firms, insurance companies, law firms, consulting firms, public housing authorities, triple net lease tenants, investors and small business owners.

The following is the Table of Contents from a typical property condition assessment report and represents a general overview of the PCA scope:


1.0 General Information

2.0 Executive Summary

2.1 General Description

2.2 General Physical Condition

2.3 Opinions of Probable Cost

2.4 Recommendations

3.0 Introduction

3.1 Purpose

3.2 Scope of Work

3.3 Deviations From the Guide

3.4 Reliance

4.0 Property Description

4.1 Site Summary

4.2 Building Summary

4.3 Other Structures

4.4 Accessibility to Disabled Persons

5.0 System Description

5.1.0 Site Elements

5.1.1 Topography

5.1.2 Storm Water Drainage

5.1.3 Ingress and Egress

5.1.4 Paving, Curbing, Parking

5.1.5 Flat-Work

5.1.6 Landscaping and Appurtenances

5.1.7 Recreational Facilities

5.2.0 Structural Frame and Building Envelope

5.2.1 Foundation

5.2.2 Building Frame

5.2.3 Exterior Walls

5.2.4 Roofing

5.2.5 Exterior and Interior Stairs

5.2.6 Patio, Terrace, and Balcony

5.2.7 Windows and Doors

5.3.0 Interior Elements

5.3.1 Interior Finishes, Unit Types and Unit Mix/Building Area

5.3.2 Common Areas

5.4.0 Mechanical and Electrical Systems

5.4.1 Plumbing

5.4.2 Heating, Air Conditioning and Ventilation

5.4.3 Electrical

5.5.0 Vertical Transportation

5.5.1 Elevators and Vertical Transportation

5.6.0 Life Safety/Fire Protection

5.6.1 Sprinklers and Standpipes

5.6.2 Alarm Systems

5.6.3 Other Systems

6.0 Document Review and Interviews

6.1 Building and Fire Code Compliance

6.2 Document Review

6.3 Interviews

7.0 Out of Scope Considerations

7.1 Flood Plain

7.2 Moisture Intrusion

7.3 Seismic Zone

8.0 Cost Tables


Appendix A: Photographs

Appendix B: Site Plan

Appendix C: Supporting Documentation

Appendix D: Pre-Survey Questionnaires

Appendix E: Acronyms and Out-Of-Scope Items

Appendix F: Personnel Resumes

Our primary service area includes the Minneapolis & St. Paul metro area with property condition assessment services available statewide. Please visit our Commercial Building Inspection FAQ  page for an explanation of the items that are inspected.

If you would like to schedule a property condition assessment or to request a proposal, please contact John Mika @ 612-328-1522 or email:

Please take a moment to review our property condition assessment report sample here.

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